Vinyl Floor Tile – environmentalist simplicity

Vinyl floor tile is a very popular flooring material these days, and there is a variety of them available in the market these days. Vinyl floor tile is environmentally friendly due to the fact that it is made of various filler and waste materials like wood dust, ground up corks, pigments etc and then bound together by linseed oil. Thus the above mentioned materials are put to use, because they would otherwise be wasted anyway. There are a number of reasons why the vinyl floor tile is popular these days. Following are some of them –

Advantages of vinyl floor tiles
Following are some of the advantages of the vinyl floor tile –
1. Vinyl floor tile comes in various different shades, patterns, colors and styles. Thus you can have a versatile flooring design for your home.
2. Vinyl floor tile is an affordable option, to other materials and tiles like marble and ceramic, which work out to be very expensive. They are cheap because they are made from waste material, and hence the cost gets reduced there.
3. Vinyl floor tile is environmentally friendly because the process of recycling is carried out to make vinyl floor tiles.
4. And last but not the least, vinyl floors look very elegant and are durable and long lasting.
Thus if you are tired of the same old options to do up your floor, this is a great new idea that you could use.

Vinyl floor tile  maintenance
Following are some essential for the maintenance of vinyl flooring –
1. If you have vinyl floor tile, you must make sure that you wipe up the spills as quickly as possible.
2. Do not use detergents and highly abrasive scrubs.
3. Use polish once in a while.

Follow these guidelines and you won’t have to change your flooring for a long time.

One more essential guideline to follow is to not have heavy furniture on the floor for 24 to 48 hours after it’s been installed because the adhesive that is used to install the floor is yet to dry. This might ruin the flooring soon.

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