Wood floors – adding richness to your home

This is a life long product of natural beauty and durability. The main aspects of wood flooring are its affordability, easy to maintain, environmental soundness, and the beauty they lend to your homes.

Easy to maintain: Maintenance is more than just sweeping and mopping as you have to make sure you protect your wood floor from moisture and heavy weight objects to avoid scratches.

Ecological issues: They are also ecologically sound as they are made from natural resources. Also gone are the days where timber was cut down now forests are maintained and it is assured that timber of double the quantity is planted.

Health: Indoor air quality is one of the main issues of importance. Wood floors do not have dust mites and have a clean and congenial environment in the house.

The different types of wood floors

Parquet – parquet flooring there is a series of wood planks.

Plank – it is a format which is linear and wide

Strip – Strip is also linear flooring and it gives the illusion of wider space..

Types of wood floors

Acrylic flooring: Acrylic flooring is where the acrylic material is injected into the wood and makes it hard and durable. It is used for many commercial installations and supermarkets, malls and hotels. In the house also it is used in the kitchen and bathrooms.

In this type of flooring the many layers of wood are pressed and glued together. The grains present in the wood run in different directions so that stability can be improved. It is mainly used in areas with moisture concern like the basement.

Solid flooring is done from one piece of wood from the top to bottom irrespective of its width or length. It helps us to have custom and the same kind of floor in any room of our office or home. There are many options available to it which helps us to create wonders.So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get wood floors for your dream home.