Fireplace – emits the cozy

Fireplace – emits the cozy

Fireplace gives warmth during winter. It is used in countries and places where the winter is very cold and harsh. Traditionally hearth or fireplace is the central heating feature of any household during colder climate. Fireplace is generally used for heating but sometimes they are also used for cooking. In old times woods were used to light fire in the fireplace, today it is being replaced by natural gas and electricity as these are considered to be cleaner and cheaper. Fireplaces in the living room impart sophisticated and elegant look to the decor. Modern fireplaces provide a practical and easy solution to keep the houses warm and cosy during winter. There different types of fireplaces are available in the market that reflects fine blend of traditional and contemporary designs. The two most prominent options of fireplace is wood burning and gas fireplaces.

Wood-burning fireplace
In wood-burning fireplace the wood is placed in the firebox. A component named damper is used to control the smoke ventilation, harmful gases and particles emitted by the wood passes from the smoke chamber through the flue which is controlled by the damper. The eight important component of wood-burning fireplace are damper, throat, chimney, smoke chamber, firebox, hearth, cap and flue.

Gas Fireplace
Gas fireplace needs no wood but natural gas. Since the burning source is gas it is operated by a switch. Switch moderates the heat and flame height of the gas. The advantage of gas fireplace is that it produces cleaner air compared to the wood and it is more convenient. The components of the fireplace are few and chimney is not a necessary as the gas can be vented outside using exhaust fan.

Basic types of wood heating system
The design as well as the heating efficiency varies in the wood burning system. In conventional fireplaces only 10% of the energy from the wood is usable heat. While in convectional fireplaces the energy which is usable is 40%. The convectional fireplace is metal fabricated with a double wall around the firebox. Fireplace inserts is another wood heating system which has the operating efficiency of of the most popular wood heating system is airtight stoves. The controlled air flow features for precise burning gives an efficiency rating of 55%. The franklin stoves or parlor stoves are only 25% energy-efficient. The most expensive and efficient wood heating system is the wood burning furnace. The operating efficiency is between 55% and 65%.