Rubber Floor Mat – Convenient Value

Rubber Floor Mat – Convenient Value

Rubber floor mat is an everyday accessory or item of our house, and we don’t give too much importance to them. But rubber floor mat, do add a lot of convenience to our day today life. It’s just that we don’t see it. Rubber floor mat have their usage in many places, and not only at home. They can be used as automotive mats, in the garage, in the cars, and at a number of places at home too. So here are some features of these rubber floor mats, that make them so popular among people –

Rubber floor mat – Features that ‘floor’ you
Following are some of the features of rubber floor mat –

1. Excellent quality and value for money – Generally these mats are made of a very good quality, and are relatively cheaper than other mats made of materials like polycot and cotton.
2. Durability – Rubber mats last very long, even when used in rough conditions. They are water proof, and don’t get spoiled, which is primarily why they are used as feet wipes in front of bathroom doors.
3. Honeycombs – The rubber mats that have the honeycomb textured finish, are great shock absorbers, and thus absorb the shocks from out feet. Also they give acupressure naturally.
4. Beveled edges – This adds to the safety features of the rubber mats.
5. Easy to clean – Rubber mats are very easy to clean, mainly because the dirt does not get stuck to it. Also garage items like grease and other stains can be cleaned easily.

Thus these are the reasons that make rubber mats a more viable option, than other types. They are completely maintenance free, and thus most preferred. 

Rubber floor mat – Uses
Rubber floor mat have versatile usage. Following are some of the places where they are commonly used –

• Entrance of the house – This is where there is most dirt and usage; any other material will catch the filth very soon, and ware off quickly.
• Outside/Inside the bathroom as feet wipes. Water has no effects on rubber mats.
• In garages and workshop sheds.
• In the car
• They can also be used as carpets, and their honeycomb texture will act as natural acupressure. 

Thus these rubber floor mat can be put to multiple usages. They are available in a number of colors, sizes and brands in the market.

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