Radiant Floor Heating – underfoot warmth

Radiant Floor Heating – underfoot warmth

Two thousand years ago the Romans used the radiant under-floor heating and even today it is the most popular form of central heating in Europe. It is now spreading gradually in North America and rest of the world.

Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating System

In radiant floor heating system, heat is radiated from the floor and is delivered evenly throughout the room. Whereas a forced air system delivers heat that quickly rises to the ceiling and causes discomfort. The operation of the radiant floor heating system is silent. Radiant floor heating system is the most efficient heating system as it consumes less energy compared to forced air heating systems. For a healthier dust and germ free home it is recommended to use radiant floor heating system. Radiant heating system can be installed in any flooring whether it is wood, tile or uncovered concrete floors. Zoning different areas of home to different temperatures to fit ones lifestyle is possible with radiant heat. Radiant heat systems can be installed within the structure of your home. Vents, baseboards or radiators need not be taken into consideration when decorating or furnishing the home. Radiant heating system adds value to the home since this heating can be implemented in the garage or in the driveway to melt the snow during winter. It may freeze outside but the radiant system will keep you warm from head to toe. So installing radiant floor heating will keep you comfortable during the winter.

Why is Radiant Heating System more Energy Efficient?

The three modes of energy transfer are conduction, convection and radiant heat (radiation). Conduction is heat flow through matter whereas convection is the heat flow through the air. Radiation is the transmission of electromagnetic rays through space. They are energy and not temperature. All objects emit these rays of energy in all direction until they are deflected or absorbed. To understand the radiant heating consider yourself taking a walk on a cool day. As you step out of the shade of your home into the sunlight your body absorbs some rays. You begin to warm up even though the air temperature around you is the same as when you were in your home. The heat you feel from the sun is radiant heat. Radiant heating system allows saving up to 50% compared to other heating systems.