Wet Basement – bigger problems will surface

Wet Basement – bigger problems will surface

The houses that are 10 to 15 years old sometimes may develop basement leaks. Fixing cracks is an easy job but once the water starts seeping through the concrete the house owners are going to face huge repair bills. So if the basement is damp, musty odors or minor leaks fix it before it becomes worse and more expensive.

What Causes Wet Basement
Main source of wet basement are the surface water that is not drained away properly from the foundation wall. The sources of the dampness are the water from the roof if no gutter is present. Another reason is the clogged gutter that stops the roof water from running down the pipes smoothly leading to the water to seep into the soil next to the foundation wall. Excessive watering of flowerbeds and shrubbery around the foundation wall can also be a cause for wet basements. When the upper soil layer is filled with water, the excess water either runs off or seeps into the ground next to the wall. During rainy season the rainwater runoff is directed towards the foundation wall, the water may pond and eventually soak into the soil, thereby creeping into the basement.

How to Prevent Wet Basement
Proper drainage of surface water is a primary element in preventing wet basement and possible failure of a foundation system. Surface water drainage should be directed from all sides of the house and this will minimize the possibility of dampness in basements and crawl spaces. This will also prevent soil erosion and ponding of water on the site. Walks around the house should not be used as drainage channels. Maximum slopes around the house will prevent erosion or unstable banks. The roof water should be directed to a downspout and it should flow away from the foundation wall towards a drainage pipe or a ditch. Another way to prevent subsurface moisture penetration and dampness is to use waterproofing of foundation walls. You can also prevent excessive moisture from entering a basement from the walls by installing the wall insulation.

How to Dry Wet Basement
The leaky and wet basement can be repaired using concrete sealers. These sealers penetrate deep into concrete and react with alkali, expand into pores and harden as a mineral. The sealers seal the concrete against water leaks and dampness. Always seal the whole basement – both the floor and walls. If you seal only the leaking area, water will find another way.

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