Waterbed – Motion of the Ocean

Waterbed – Motion of the Ocean

There are many types of beds in market but which one is the best for your health? Well, answer is Waterbed! Quality of comfort is based on support and waterbed provides great support! There are many medical benefits of using water beds and these beds are specially recommended for asthma and allergy patients. It is scientifically proved that water beds provide good health and relaxed mind. Waterbed has a healing sleeping surface which provides vital qualities of support and comfort. Temperature control is one of the main features of waterbeds.

Types of waterbeds
Waterbeds are available in different sizes and weight. Normally weight of waterbeds can vary from 90 kgs to 180 kgs. Also waterbeds vary in-depth and stability. Waterbeds are available in almost all standard bed sizes. Actual depth of water filled mattress can differ between 2 inch topper pads to 9 inch full depth beds. For extra comfort, one should always go for large models.

Installation of waterbed
Mostly the manufacturer or the supplier will install your waterbed. But if you want to install it on your own, then you only need to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Durability of waterbeds
Average use expectancy of waterbeds is 10 to 15 years. Durability will depend upon how carefully you use waterbeds.

Cost of waterbeds
Cost of waterbeds will depend on style of bed and bedding cover of mattress. Normally it starts from $480.Also waterbeds take very less amount for maintenance. For soft-sided divan waterbed, it will take $25 per annum.

Cleanliness of waterbeds
Waterbeds are very clean. It does not accumulate dust particles or skin particles inside mattress. Waterbeds have a removable and washable cover which is easy to clean. Mostly vinyl cleaner is recommended to clean the mattress and it also helps to maintain quality of mattress.

Medical Benefits of waterbeds
• Waterbeds are very good for back as they provide superior back support system.
• Its state of weightlessness helps in healing burn injuries and bed sores.
• Waterbed proves beneficial to asthma and allergy patients because waterbeds cannot accumulate dust particles.
• Waterbeds are highly recommended for patients of arthritis and rheumatism.
• Waterbeds are used in care of premature babies.
• Waterbed is a combination of support and comfort which gives better health.

Points to know about waterbeds
• Waterbeds are not noisy
• Waterbeds never burst
• Waterbeds are very easy to move.
• Chances of leakage of waterbed are very less
• Puncture to waterbed is a very remote case. It is very difficult to puncture it.
• To repair puncture, use proper repair kit.
• Waterbeds never bend or sag
• Water of waterbeds does not need to change for years.
• Almost all waterbeds are warmed to your body temperature by a specially designed heater so you will not need electric blanket.
• Maintenance of waterbed is very simple.