Water in Basement – wet below means trouble

Water in Basement – wet below means trouble

A flood in the area can cause a great deal of water in basement. This can turn out into a bad situation, as the water has no place to go and cannot dry up easily. The only way out is to pump out the water using special equipment. Pumping out water must be carried out with extra care as the process may result in pushing up walls and causing structural damage in case water in basement is pumped out in a rapid manner.

Dealing with water in basement
If the basement is flooded and there is a great amount of water in it, the first step towards cleaning and repairing the basement is to wait for the flood to stop. Put off gas valves and electricity before entering the basement. Pump out the water from the basement in stages as sudden water pumping can cause damage to the walls. Clean out the debris and mud on the floor and then check for repairs to be undertaken. Waterproofing substances can be used to prevent water leaks through cracks in the walls or joints.

Problems Caused by Water in Basement
The water that collects in the basement may be filled with debris and mud. It can contaminate the things lying about in the basement and also cause damage to the walls and floor. Water that has been collected in the basement remains stagnant with no place to go and results in molds and mildew and bad odors as well. It can lead to the growth of disease-producing germs as well. Dehumidifiers may be used for drying the basement.

Preventing Water in Basement from happening
Basement windows can be covered with plastic covers. This prevents water or snow from entering the basement and collecting inside. Broken washing machine hoses can also cause water to collect in the basement. Checking for broken water pipes or sewage ducts can also be a precautionary measure for preventing water from entering the basement. This can be pumped out or if matters are really worse, professionals in basement repairs can be called to help out.

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