Water Bed Mattress – the sway has gone away

Water Bed Mattress – the sway has gone away

Way back in the ’70s when water bed mattress first made their entry, they literally made waves! They were hardly more than water inflated balloons and sleeping on one was like spending the night in a turbulent sea. There were even those who felt seasick on a waterbed!! Wave after surging wave met even the smallest movement.

In the next several years, technology in every sphere was making rapid strides. Water bed mattress were no exceptions. Gone were the days of sleeping on waves. Constant innovation gave the freedom of choice to the customer. Today a wide variety of water bed mattress are available. Let us take a look at some of the most popular types.

Based on their property, water bed mattresses are grouped as

Softside Water Bed Mattress
It is contains tubes that prevent large waves from forming. The network of tubes ensures relative firmness of the water bed mattress, despite the softness.

Hardside Water Bed Mattress
Hardside water bed mattress is the firmest water bed mattress but it is definitely not as hard or firm as innerspring mattresses.

Alternatively, the water bed mattresses are also grouped as:

Full motion – It is very wavy as there is no fill inside. It might be seem uncomfortable to many but there are those who might actually consider this an advantage.

Fiberfill water Bed Mattress – There is a simple principle involved – the more fiber filling inside the mattress, the firmer will it be. In other words, if the water bed mattress has fiber filling, the wave motion can be reduced.

Hydraulic water Bed Mattress:
At the bottom of the mattress, vinyl coils are attached that reduce the wave motion to almost nil and even when your partner move, you will not feel a thing.

There are some common myths associated with a water bed mattress, let’s tackle them one-by-one

Myth1: Water bed mattress, when placed on the floor, can make the floor sag.

There is no truth in this statement. Weight is transferred evenly due to property of water and hence it causes not damage to the floor at all. As a matter of fact, it is lighter than other appliances we place on the floor!

Myth2: The water in the water bed mattress has to be changed every few days

Water bed mattresses are generally conditioned to prevent growth of algae or other harmful water microorganisms. You might need to change the water when you shift the water bed mattress, but not otherwise.

Myth3: If punctured, the waterbed may burst

Firstly, it is very unlikely that you might puncture the water bed mattress unless someone intentionally pricks it and even then the water bed mattress will not burst, the water is only slowly absorbed into the surrounding bedding.

Myth4: Waterbed heaters are highly unsafe

They are pretty safe actually, provided you buy your mattress heater from UL-approved place.

There are many who vouch by water bed mattresses and say that their body ache has reduced considerably since they started using water bed mattress. The feeling of lightness while sleeping on the waterbed must be experienced to be believed. From the uncomfortable balloon beds to the luxurious hydraulic beds, the journey of waterbeds has been a long one. But seeing how many people love their waterbed mattress, the journey has definitely been worth it.

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