Wall Insulation – maintain comfortable temps inside

Wall Insulation – maintain comfortable temps inside

Wall Insulation of a house is important because it will help keep the cold or the heat outside and help maintain a constant temperature in the house. A lot of money on utility bills for heating and cooling can be saved if insulation is in place. Wall insulation can be carried out on an existing house or can also be included at the time of constructing the house. The latter gives better advantage and superior insulation.

Wall insulation for an existing house
If wall insulation is to be done for an existing house, care needs to be taken that there is not much disturbance or damage to the finished areas of the house. Although there are different types of insulation available with insulation companies, the two best forms of wall insulation include loose-fill and spray foam insulation, which cause the least disturbance to an existing wall or walls in the house.

Wall insulation for a new construction
If wall insulation is to be installed in a new construction, there are many construction techniques, which combine insulation in the building stage itself. This gives superior insulation and also saves on costs. Structural insulated panels, insulating concrete forms and concrete block insulation are incorporated while the houses are still being constructed. This results in protecting the inside wall against condensation by keeping it warmer. Most homeowners find homes with insulation a better option for their own use. Homes with good insulation also have higher resale value.

Insulating internal and cavity walls
Cavity walls can be insulated by filling them up with moisture-resistant foam or by using spray foam insulation. This will, however require a professional to step in to inject insulation into the cavity walls. Internal thermal boards can be used for insulating internal walls. Battens are first fixed to the walls and these thermal boards are then fixed to the battens. This leaves a gap between the board and the wall, which traps in a layer of dry air. Before insulation, it is important to check if the walls are air sealed. Moisture condensation can also affect insulation. Energy efficiency can be enhanced through insulation.

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