Vent Covers – beautifully vented

Heating Vent Covers

Heating ventilation and air conditioner ducts have holes in the floors, walls or ceilings to allow heated or cold air to pass from the ductwork to the interior of the building. For safety and decorative reasons vent covers are placed over these holes. The decorative vents come in a variety of styles and designs. Simple and purely functional vents are also available.

Vent Designs

Vents are designed in such a way that so as to allow air to pass through them. There are styles like grate and louvers. The louvers are designed to adjust the increase or decrease airflow. Air deflectors on top of the vent covers are also used to direct air to a certain part of the room. The deflectors redirect warm air to the lower part of the room and push cool air higher into the room. Air deflectors also redirect heat or air conditioning under cabinets and furnitures for better air dispersal.

Vent Cover Installation and Maintenance

Installation of vent covers is simple and requires only two screws. Anyone who has screwdrivers can install the vent. Maintenance of vent cover is simple and requires only a duster, a small brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean. Filters can be placed beneath the vent covers to collect dust and debris. The filters need to be replaced with new ones frequently.

Magnetic Vent Covers

Magnetic vent covers are inexpensive and simple to use. Magnetic vent covers are made of sturdy but thin magnetic sheet. Magnetic vent covers are used to cut off or limit airflow to certain spaces. As they are magnetic they slip into place easily. Another interesting feature of magnetic vent is that they can be painted or wall papered so that they become virtually unnoticeable.

Types of Vent Covers

Vent covers are made of wood or metal. They are mainly designed to cover a vent and thereby give it a finished look instead of leaving a hole in the wall, floor or ceiling. There are vent covers for both, registers as well as return vents. Basically vent covers are made of metal and come in a variety of finishes, including coated white, brass and bronze. Wood vent covers can be stained or painted to match the interior but are more expensive than the metal. You need to pay attention while selecting vent covers for your register vents and return air vents. The vent covers for registers are made to fit the opening and are held in place because of the gravity. Covers for the wall or ceiling are attached to the wall or ceiling using screws.