Trundle Bed – better than a bunk bed

Trundle Bed – better than a bunk bed

A trundle beds is very popular now days. Trundle beds are perfect combination of form and function. They are perfect spare beds. They are great functional beds. They are normally considered a pair of beds, one a little smaller than a twin bed that is on rollers so that it may be put beneath the upper twin bed for storage. Trundle beds allow for two separate beds to be available when necessary, but do not require the space all the time. Trundle beds are often used as day beds. When required, a lower bed can be used. When you need a sleeping surface for a guest, the trundle pulls out, and can also lift to the height of the link spring, to create sleeping surface. Trundle beds are enough strong.

Generally trundle beds consist of four pieces-headboard, footboard, link spring, and pop-up trundle. With the link spring, there is no need for either box springs or bed frame. Simply join the link spring onto the headboard and footboard and add twin size mattress. All trundle beds comprise a pop-up trundle. The trundle folds down under the trundle bed to hold an extra twin mattress.

Twin size bed, as well as normal size bed is available in market. One can choose beds according to requirement. 

Types of trundle bed
There are many types for trundle bed. These are –twin size trundle bed, wood trundle bed, iron trundle bed and kid’s and children’s trundle bed. You can always select trundle bed according to your choice and necessity. Trundle beds are available in different themes so you can select it according to either your favorite theme or your kid’s favorite theme.

Also headboard height, footboard height, length and width vary so one needs to consider all these things before buying it.

Advantages of trundle bed
• save space.
• can be used as day beds.
• pops up for use when required.
• can be used as spare beds.
• are useful in emergency arrangement.
•  are especially very useful in kid’s room.
• add style and charm to your house.
• is extra bed in little space.

Cost of trundle bed
We can select trundle bed according to our budget. There are so many options available in market. Generally price of trundle bed starts from $200.Prizes vary according to size and quality of trundle bed. Prizes are also vary according to type of trundle bed that is whether it is wood trundle bed, iron trundle bed etc. One can always take benefit of discount and free shipping, as many suppliers do not charge for shipping.

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