Step Ladders – the choice of professionals

Step Ladders – the choice of professionals

Step ladders generally consist of various type of sizes, materials and strengths. It is essential to choose a ladder according to the type of work one has to accomplish, who’s going to perform the work and where it is going to be done.

Usually a step ladders is used for accomplishing indoor works. It is essential to determine the right size of ladder based on the person who is doing the job and the type of the job one has to perform. For this the ladder has to be measured from the place where it has to be put up to the highest point where it is expected to reach.

Now the height of the person performing the job has to be deducted from that measurement and two feet has to be added to it. This is probably the height which is most appropriate. For an instance if the height of a person is a little more than six feet and he is using a six-foot step-ladder for renovating a house which has a 10` ceiling, then the equation will probably come like this ( 10`-6`+ 2`= 6` ).

If the same person is renovating another house whose most of the ceilings are eight feet high then he would find it more convenient to use a four-foot ladder than using the six-foot one. Thus if a step ladders is selected by keeping in view to the above equation then the person using the ladder will never have to stand on the second step on the top to accomplish the desired work and he wont have to lug and store a ladder bigger than it is required.

Both the person and the step ladders that are indulged in the work become dangerously unstable if the performer stands on the top step or on the top plate of step ladders. Thus if the worker stands on or below the second step down he can brace himself on his knees on step ladders and keep his centre of gravitation low enough so that the ladder does not tend to tip easily.

As a result step ladders are incomparably compact for transportation, easy to carry, simple to put up and ready for climbing and also easy to store when not in use.