Stamped Concrete – inexpensive way to great texture

Stamped Concrete
Concrete can be made to resemble tiles, stone, bricks and even wood. This kind of stamped concrete is used to beautify paths, driveways, footways, pool decks, entries and even courtyards or patios. Due to the vast choice of colors and patterns available, stamped concrete is an interesting option to be considered for exterior decor.

Availability of options

Stamped concrete is available in a wide array of patterns and colors. The added benefit is that it is a comparatively cheaper option among those available in the market for decorating the exterior of a house. Stamped concrete can be used all by itself or can blend with stone, tiles, brick or even wood. Affordable and at the same time varied, stamped concrete is slowly gaining popularity among homeowners as well as those in the concrete supply business.

How is stamped concrete laid?

Concrete must be soft when stamping tools are put to work. Planning the area of work and laying out stamps before the concrete is put on the ground is the right way to begin the work. The concrete must not be too wet or too dry as both will slow down the work of the concrete contractors. The right amount of concrete can be determined by stamped concrete contractors who can be called in earlier to get the right estimate of concrete quantity and cost involved.


It will require regular maintenance as would any other part of the home. However the frequency of maintenance would depend upon where the stamped concrete has been used and how high is the traffic, whether cars or foot and the use of water or any other chemicals in that area. Regular cleaning and sealing of stamped concrete is very much essential to prevent the stamped concrete from looking dull or fading away.

Beautifying existing decor with stamped concrete

If the exterior of the house needs any beautification, stamped concrete can do wonders. Remodel steps or courtyards or even add a fountain using this kind of concrete. Landscape designers have put stamped concrete to good use in beautifying patios and driveways as well as making pool decks more appealing and welcoming.

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