Specialty Ladders – specific for specific purposes

Specialty Ladders – specific for specific purposes

The Specialty Ladders consist of a group of ladders used for specified duties. Their choice and performance depend on the nature of function they are induced to perform. The group of Specialty Ladders includes High Reach Telescoping step ladder, Fire Escape Ladders, Folding Inspection Ladders, Sectional Ladders etc. It must be noted that the term Specialty Ladders rarely indicate any specified make or design.

Ladders had been around since the time of earliest recorded history. In this respect we can easily refer to the huge granaries at the city of Harappa in the Indus valley civilizations. The huge and high granaries were evidently reached with the help of ladders and we may conclude this easily enough that those people regarded the ladder to be one of its kinds providing the human reach a greater extension.

In a way all these ladders could be termed as Specialty Ladders be it Aluminum ladder, Fiberglass ladder, Steel ladder, Wood ladder, Step ladder, Extension ladder, Platform ladder, Attic ladder, Rolling ladder, Portable ladder, Telescopic ladder, Access ladder, Fire ladder, Escape ladder, Ladder leveler, Rope ladder, Pool ladder, Folding ladder, Boat ladder, Gorilla ladder, Little giant ladder, Ladder racks, Ultimate ladder, Loft ladder, Shelf ladder, Agility ladder, Giant ladder or any other ladder in its own way.

Apparently, High Reach Telescoping stepladder, Fire Escape Ladders, Folding Inspection Ladders and Sectional Ladders are included in the Specialty Ladders section primarily for the reason that they are used in a highly specified manner. This specification is implemented in accordance to their merits of performing specified jobs. Thus the Specialty Ladders are basically meant for special duties.

For example the High Reach Telescoping stepladder are a group of Specialty Ladders that are used by the fire brigade. This form of Specialty Ladders helps the user, or in this case the firemen, to reach at a height those general ladders would at the most dream to reach. It is practical as it zooms up to the windows of multi-stored building and helps the fire fighters to rescue the trapped persons.

So, it is quite evident that these Specialty Ladders are regarded very specially.