Solar Oven – Versitility is in the Air

Solar Oven – Versitility is in the Air

Solar oven harnesses the sun’s power to cook food. It lets you bake, boil or steam food with the power of the sun. There is absolutely no fuel needed for cooking in solar oven. Solar oven provides you the amazing experience of creating your favourite recipes as you feast upon natural sun baked treats. 

Features of Solar Oven
The key feature of solar oven is the power of the sun. It doesn’t matter whether there is a power shortage at your place since solar oven doesn’t depend on the power supply. However, it can cook anything that a conventional oven can cook.
• Solar oven lets you cook anything – bread, cakes, muffin, pizzas, vegetable, poultry, fish, meat, casserole, grain, pasta, dessert and many other things.
• Solar oven provides cooking in high temperature – 360o to 400o Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to boil, bake or cook.
• Since sun-baked food remain moisture and has less shrinkage than conventional ovens, you will never get any kind of burning or scorching in the food.
• Solar oven is totally safe.

Each solar oven is constructed with a strong plastic or steel case, which is durable and easy to clean. It uses reflectors and tempered glass doors to retain the sun’s powerful heat. It also features an easily adjustable, self-contained leveling leg to maintain the oven’s maximum exposure to the sun. Solar ovens are totally portable; when it is closed it looks like a small suitcase and also has a carrier handle.

Cooking in solar oven is a great pleasure. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that as long as the sun is there you have the power of cooking in solar oven.

Types of Solar Oven

Box Cooker – Box cooker is the common type of solar oven, comes in both rectangular and circular shapes. It consists of an enclosed inner box covered with clear glass or plastic, a reflector and insulation. Box cooker provides slow but even cooking. It is easy and safe to use.

Panel Cooker –
 Panel cooker consists of flat reflective panel that focus the sunlight on the cooking vessel without the inner box common in box cookers. Though these solar ovens are easy to use and quite cheap they are not able retain much heat for cooking when the sun is behind clouds.

Parabolic Cooker – Parabolic cooker retains more temperature than other solar ovens. It requires more precision to focus the sunlight on the cooking vessel. However, if the sunlight is not focused exactly on the cooking vessel it will not cook the food. The main drawback of this oven is the risk of burns and eye injuries.