Rotisserie Oven – Cook the Whole Meal at Once

Rotisserie Oven – Cook the Whole Meal at Once

A rotisserie oven is an oven or broiler, equipped with a rotating spit, which turns as the oven cooks the main dish as well as the side dishes simultaneously. The rotisserie oven evenly cooks whole chicken, fish, steaks, vegetables, turkey etc. 

Advantageous Features Of Rotisserie Oven
The rotisserie oven has rotating spits, which help in easy and fast cooking of every type of food, in a single and compact appliance. Even the cleaning process of this oven is also very easy. You can clean the walls, sides, floors and trays of the oven with soapy damp cloth and rub it to dryness before using it again.
Following are the advantageous features of rotisserie oven:
• The two non-stick quart top casserole steams, poaches, simmers, roasts and warms dishes like fish, potatoes, rice, sauces and vegetables. The casserole dishes are removable, so you can cook and serve in the same dish.
• The adjustable basket holds steaks, cut-up chickens, seafood, and vegetables in huge quantity.
• The poultry rack holds whole chicken, turkey, duck for ideal self- basted roasting.
• The roasting rack is perfect for cooking soft, lean and juicy roasts.
• The skewers make tasty kebabs.
• The non-stick drip tray captures unwanted grease which helps in easy clean up.
• The easy- to-use electronic controls regulate temperature between 350-500°C and make rotisserie cooking very easy and fast.
• The interior indicator lights with on/off buttons help you to check progress without opening the oven door.
• There is a red LED indicator, which glows when the power is on.

Other Qualities Of Rotisserie Oven
Another advantage of rotisserie oven is that the roasting seers in juices and flavors, thereby draining off the extra fats and making the food healthy. 

Install a rotisserie oven to reap the benefits of cooking grand and versatile dishes.