Natural Lawn Care – simple as 1-2-3

Natural Lawn Care

With our family and friends, something that raises frowns of many is lawn care. Lawn care is considered to be a very time consuming and complex activity. As a matter of fact if you maintain your lawn on regular basis lawn care will be very easy and less time consuming. There are two ways by which you can take care of your lawn one by use of chemical fertilizers and pests and the second is a natural approach or the organic approach. Natural lawn care in fact is the best way, as you are not adding any harmful chemicals to the environment and diluting it. Natural lawn care creates healthy lawns without damaging the environment. Below we have discussed three main elements of lawn care.

1. Mow Better
-Mow High  – Set mowing heights to upto 2 inches for most lawns, for better and deep root development. Such mowing will greatly help in crowding out weeds.
-Mow Often – Cutting too much at one time stresses the grass. Mow once in week during springs. Make sure that you don’t mow more than one third of the grass length at each mowing.
iii. Leave the clippings – Leave the clippings on the on the lawn. Clippings will turn in to useful fertilizer for the lawn and helps for a greener and denser lawn growth. This method is called as “Grass cycling”, which also prevents thatch build up.

2. Water Deeply but Infrequently
– Moisten the root zone  – Always water the whole root zone and allow it to dry partially between watering. This will moist the root zones properly, which helps for healthy grass growth.
– Watch the weather  – Water your lawn according to the weather, don’t water if it is going to rain. Refer the Irrigation and Sprinklers Tips for best information on evapotranspiration, and irrigate your lawn in concurrence to the prevailing weather condition.
3. Alternatives to pesticides
– Crowd out weeds and reduce pest damage.
– Never cover your entire lawn to kill a few dandelions. Try to remove weeds by hands during spring and fall.
– Make sure that you use the right herbicide for right weed during the right time of the year.

Natural lawn care will keep your lawn healthy for a longer time. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers will affect the soil quality and even the grass quality in the long run.