Home Security – motion lights

Home Security…Motion lights

Intruders hate light, because they can be seen. Motion lights are a great way to add unexpected light to a possible situation.

Adding a motion sensor lights are a great way to help protect yourself. They are pretty simple, you leave the light switch in the on position, and when the sensor detects motion it comes on. Ingenious.

There are entire lighting systems or sensors that you can add to existing fixtures. They are very simple to install and can really help protect yourself from unwanteds traipsing around. They are also great for when you go outside. It comes on when you pass them. When I installed my motion lights, it took me quite awhile to get used to. It was kind of jarring to all of a sudden getting hit with a bright light, and I was suppose to be there. Just imagine what it would do to an intruder. They are also good in your driveway. Motion lights can give you a welcome home “hello” from your house that can be kind of endearing.

There are systems that you can install inside your home that work in the same way. If you enter a room the light comes on. They also help you save energy, when the room is in use the light is on, when no one is in there it shuts off after a user controlled period of time. Pretty Cool, Huh!

I think that this is an excellent option in making your home safer, more energy efficient, and easier for you to use. Motion lights are another cheap option that can really save you in so many ways. Just try one at first and see what you think.