Lighting Designer – hire the mood setter

Lighting Designer – Hire the mood setter

Lighting designer might seem like a tough job. But for people with an extra taste for fashion and contemporary lights it seems to be a cake walk. There are specialists in this field.

Here are two lighting designer to list:
(1) Seco-Larm: Since 1971, SECO-LARM has been manufacturing high quality, reliable security systems and accessories. Originally a designer and builder of lighting device as well as an installer of alarm systems.
(2) Gater Lighting Co., Ltd.: It was established in 1997. Our major export products are various home lighting. We are designer manufacturer & exporter.

Apart from this there are individuals who care about and maintain the lighting. These people are called lighting designers. There are set patterns and norms one should keep in mind while designing the lighting of an area.

Go Step By Step-Becoming your own lighting designer
(1) Start with the driveway. Do you want post lights or other fixtures all along the driveway? At the entry only?
(2) Decide if you want to install outdoor floodlights elsewhere around the house. Typically these should be located at the corners of the house and in positions to light the driveway area outside of the garage doors. Floodlights can also be placed to light large areas of the back yard for evening recreation.
(3) Decide if you want to have spotlights placed in front of the house (to display landscaping or other features).
(4) Think about locations for decorative lighting fixtures on the house itself. Typically a fixture is placed outside each door (or often two – one on each side).
(5) Consider any decks and patios. This is where you’ll likely do any outdoor entertaining. What sort of lighting do you want here? You may want to combine post lights and other decorative fixtures with flood lights yielding greater illumination.
(6) Think about your swimming pool if you have one. You can install lights around the pool and/or under the water. Consider whether you will actually swim in the pool at night or simply use the surrounding patio.
(7) Consider “job-specific” lighting for outside tasks. Examples include lighting placed to service a grill or outside storage area.
(8) Decide where you want switches to control the various exterior lights. Switches should be located anywhere you may want to turn the lights on or off, so multiple switches may be in order for some lights.
(9) Consider whether you want some or all of your exterior lights on a timer.
(10) Think about whether you want any fixtures to be triggered by light sensors (so the lights go on automatically at night).
(11) Provide your electrician with a written list of all exterior lighting to be installed
This makes you lighting a better experience.

There! No need to hire a lighting designer.

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