Interior Lighting – luminating the great indoors

Interior Lighting – luminating the great indoors

Indoor lighting is the use of natural or artificial lighting to light up the indoor area of any space. Natural interior lighting involves use of daylight through strategically placed windows, skylights, architectural design, etc to maximize the use of natural light. Artificial indoor lighting looks at clever placement of lamps, bulbs, electrical lights to light up an area according to one’s needs and wishes.

When it comes to interior lighting, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. However some basic types of interior lighting should cover your needs.

Ambient Lighting – provides overall illumination and a comfortable level of brightness, and allows you and your guests to see and move around safely. Place wall or ceiling-mounted lights and switches at the top and bottom of stairways for safety. Corner lights open up a space.

If you have a small entry area, for example, you’ll want to use interior lighting to give the illusion of a larger area. Use translucent shades on table lamps to contribute to the ambient interior lighting level.

Task Lighting – helps you perform a specific activity, such as reading or playing games, by concentrating light in a particular place. Think about the use of the room. Is it a formal dining room where you’ll be having meals? Is a sitting room where you will need light to read? Is it a media room where you need to keep TV screen glare to a minimum? The room’s function will help you choose an appropriate lighting design.

Interior Lighting – gives your indoors more than just simple lighting. It enhances the aesthetic appeal and the artistic taste of your indoors. It is an essential device in furnishing and reflects the status of an individual.

Interior lighting can be simple or highly complex as can be seen from the above. One can keep the lighting to the basic requirements and use power saving L.E.D.s for cost-effective lighting. However if one wants to spruce up things a bit then the budget has to be considered. Not just the initial cost but working cost as well. Get what you want, and stay on budget.
When you find a lighting scheme that really works in a room, you’ll be a lot happier with your home. Choose the lighting design that meets your budget, is practical for the room’s use, and creates a mood that pleases you.

Indoor lighting should be about more than just simple illumination. Any old light source can keep you from tripping over things in the dark, but only a carefully planned and expertly installed lighting design will make the most of your living spaces and help you create specific effects and moods.

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