Insulating Paint – another layer or protection and color

Insulating Paint – another layer or protection and color

Technological innovations have led to the use of a new kind of home insulation technique using insulating paints. Meant to save on utility bills and save energy, these new types of paints are easy to use and applied in the same way as normal or ordinary paints are applied to the walls of a house. The difference lies in the chemical additives mixed into the paint that carry insulating properties.

What do insulating paints contain?

Insulating paints are usually a blend of chemical additives that could include insulating ceramics or a product such as Thermilate TM which is mixed into paints. Usually in the form of powder, these chemical granules or beads are added in certain proportion to the paints to make them heat and fire resistant. These thermal insulators can either be added to the paint or can be purchased pre-mixed from any paint supplier. A professional would be able to judge the quantity of additive and paint required depending upon the area to be covered by painting.

Benefits of using insulating paint

Most chemical additives and insulating paints are non-toxic. Hence they are not bound to cause any harm to the health of the people living in the house. Most insulating paints are also scrub and stain resistant. Hence there is no fear of the insulating paint not being able to sustain itself over a long period of time. Being environment friendly, these insulating paints can be used on both interior and exterior walls and work equally well in both hot and cold climates. But the most important benefit provided by insulating paints is the huge saving that one can make on utility bills on heating and cooling the home.

Where is insulating paint used?

In homes and offices, insulating paints are used on roofs, ceilings, walls, and any such area that requires a coat of paint. Insulating paints are used not just in homes or offices but also in many industrial applications as well. Other areas where insulating paints are used include agricultural and commercial structures, metal buildings and even structures and installations used by the aviation and marine industry.