Heating System – warm and cozy

Heating System

A good heating system is required to keep the home warm and cozy during the cold winters. Different kinds of heating systems have long been in use. From traditional furnaces to central heating systems in modern homes, different devices are put to use powered by a variety of fuels such as oil, gas and electricity.

Traditional Furnaces

A furnace uses a ductwork system. It draws air from the rooms in the house, takes it to an area where the air is warmed and then is delivered back to the living areas of the house. Modern houses that use furnaces also have blowers that circulate the warm air in the house. Furnaces may use gas, wood, coal or electricity for fuel power. Filters prevent dust from collecting in the house and a thermostat may be used to check the flow of hot air in the rooms.

Central Heating Systems

Most central heating systems have a boiler that heats water. This water is then circulated throughout the house by means of a network of pipes and radiators. These radiators warm the air and consequently the room in which the air circulates. The boilers that are used for heating the water can be of different types. The most common ones among them are those that are fuelled by electricity, oil and gas.

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems may be installed in the ceiling or the floor. They are normally baseboards or metal units with electrical elements that are used to generate heat energy. Blowers are not used and the units have their own control system. Though they are costlier than furnace systems, radiant heating systems are also used under concrete in driveways to prevent snow from accumulating.

Setting up a Home Heating System

Picking up the right kind of heating system is important. Choosing the right heating contractor who will set up the system is also as important. Trying to set up the system on your own may prove to be hazardous. It is recommended that the heating system be installed after a good amount of time is spent in working out the costs, the materials and the kind of system to be installed. This would be a one-time expense and it is advisable to play safe.