Prefinished Hardwood vs. Unfinished Hardwood

Prefinished Hardwood vs. Unfinished Hardwood

There are quite a few things to consider before choosing between prefinished hardwood and unfinished hardwood.

With the many new advances in prefinished hardwood. The quality is amazing and can some times be better than unfinished hardwood. Prefinished hardwood is simple for the do-it-yourselfer to accomplish on their own.

Prefinished hardwood is a better choice if you are redoing a room in an existing living space. Also if you are putting it in numerous rooms in your home, prefinished is a better choice, because of the mess, smell and time the room can be reinhabitated. You just lay the prefinished and you are ready to put furniture back in and live.

Unfinished hardwood is best in a house that is being built. Because once you lay the wood you have to sand it and clean it (and get all the dust up). Then apply the stain. Depending on how many coats that you desire, it could be days even weeks before the space is usable. It really does produce a nice product when you are done, but getting there is a time-consuming. The difference between the final product of prefinished and unfinished is almost nil now a days with the advancements is prefinished hardwood flooring. Unfinished hardwood is much more difficult for a novice to install. I have seen too many people screw up in the last stage and have to start the sanding process over. What a pain!

I would really suggest finding a prefinished flooring that you like. It is easier, cleaner, less smelly, quicker, less noisy, and just as nice. There are so many options that it will be very difficult to not find what you want.