Finished Basement – more space without the waste

Finished Basement
Most people forget about the basement when they plan to add a new living space. The surveys and studies show that finished basements rank behind kitchen and bathroom renovations. The finished basement homes have high prospective resale value.

Advantages of a Finished Basement
1. The earth naturally insulates basements. So they are cool in summer and warm in winter. However, if the winter is harsh you can always install a heating system with a separate thermostat.
2. You can have your home office or an expanded kitchen or an additional guest room in the finished basement. You can even have a large master bedroom in the basement thus freeing the main living area.
3. The house will be quiet and stress free if the finished basement is converted into a playroom, home entertainment center, exercise room or other activity room. You can also use the finished basement as a den, sauna or whirlpool bath area, where you can quietly retreat from other household activity.

When Hiring a Finished Basement Contractor
Always look for a competent basement finishing firm or a contractor. When you are dealing with the professional inquire whether they are the licensed and insured operators. It is necessary to ascertain as to how many years of experience they have in doing the finished basement works and whether they will take care of the building permit. Always ask for estimation and find out their work schedule. See if they are adaptable to changes and modification and whether they can provide assistance and also recommend useful ideas. Finally ask for a list of recent reference.

Finished Basement Problems and Solution
One of the major problems faced by basement is moisture. Therefore before starting off any work checking out for moisture or taking care of the existing moisture is an absolute must. The moisture will contribute to humid air, mild dew and other factors that will always make it feel like a basement how much ever you spend on designs and interior decorations. The basement will not be comfortable if air is humid in the basement living space. Seal the small cracks in the foundation wall as they can allow the penetration of moisture. Condensation of moisture on the walls has to be prevented or removed. To prevent condensation of moisture increase ventilation, cover the exposed water pipes and installation of wall insulation can prevent the humid air from coming into contact with the damp concrete walls. The basement has to be waterproofed to avoid the water seepage.

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