Fertilizing Lawn Care – a little feed for your green

Fertilizing Lawn Care – a little feed for your green

Fertilizing lawn care is much more than picking up the first bag of fertilizer from a super store and spreading it on your lawn. To obtain the best fertilizing lawn care results a scientific and systematic approach is must. Below we have discussed the various aspects of fertilizing lawn care and how you can achieve the best results.

What is fertilizing Lawn Care?
Fertilizing is a process through which the grass is provided with extra and essential nutrients that assist in its healthy and disease free growth. Fertilizers are slow release products and release nutrients overtime, rather than all at once. This allows the grass to absorb the nutrients at its own leisure. On the other hand when these nutrients are released, the root system of the grass instantly fills all the bare patches thus preventing the weed seeds to germinate.

How to select a Fertilizer?
Before selecting any fertilizer see the contents, which are nitrogen to make grass greener, phosphorus – for stimulating roots and seedling development and potassium for endurance against disease and drought. Always see the nitrogen release rate. The faster the rate the quicker the grass will grow green. But it is more important that the release is steady and controlled. Make sure that the granules are evenly mixed so that the lawn will get the proper mixture of nutrients.

Further more study the grass type in your lawn before you fertilize it. See whether it is a cold season or a warm season grass. Also see the grass category, because different grass has different requirements for fertilizing lawn care. Similarly also decide whether you want to use organic fertilizer or processed fertilizer. Both have distinct procedures for application.

When to Fertilize?
It is not good to fertilize your lawn until the grass has greened up. Similarly avoid fertilizing your lawn during droughts. However every grass has a distinct time to grow depending on if they are warm season or cold season. Make sure that you can make adequate water supply after applying the fertilizing lawn care. For a lush green lawn at least fertilize twice a year.

Make sure that you use a good spreader for proportionate and even supply of fertilizer throughout the lawn. And don’t forget to water your lawn after applying the fertilizer for better absorption.

Fertilizing lawn care is the most crucial aspect of lawn care. The better you fertilize the more green lawn you will be.

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