Electrical Insulation – protecting you from electric wiring

Electrical Insulation – protecting you from electric wiring

An insulator is a material or object that contains no movable electrical charges when used along with live electrical appliances. When a voltage is placed across an insulator, no charges flow, so no electrical current appears. Electrical insulation is a must on electrical wires, appliances that use electricity to function and even tools that are required to handle electrical wiring.

Products with electrical insulation
Insulated wire products are used in many industrial and electrical appliances and applications. They are available with any local insulation material supplier or with any electrical appliance stores. These include twisted pair wires, high voltage wires, hook-up wires which are given a coating of toughened polyester film or fluoropolymer insulation to prevent electric shocks. These wires may be used for wiring purposes or may be used in other electrical appliances as well. The fluoropolymer wires have high strength insulation and give highly improved mechanical performance and are used in a wide variety of appliances and applications. High voltage wires that are corona and flame resistant are also high quality insulated wire products.

Insulated tools with insulation against electric shocks
Insulated tools consist of many tools used in daily life. Some of them may also be part of special equipment used only by professional wiring or plumbing contractors. These tools include pliers and cutters, spanners, wrenches, sockets and their accessories, saws and knives, nut spinners, link extractors, hexagon keys, holding tools, box spanners, wedges, tool rolls, gloves and even painting or dusting brushes. Each of these insulated tools may have a wide variety of choices available with regard to size and shapes depending upon the tasks for which they are required for.

Resources for electrical insulation
The Internet is a good source of information for finding out shops that sell electrical insulation products and appliances. Since the comparative prices of most of these types of products are also available, one is able to choose between suppliers that are priced reasonably as well. Local home supply or shops that supply electrical wiring and plumbing equipment stock such products. The yellow page is a good source of information on such suppliers.