Dry Basement – any moisture can be bad.

Dry Basement
A dry basement is not necessarily one that is not flooded. Leakages and water seepage may cause wet basements too. A dry basement is one that is completely rid of moisture or water that can come in through walls, floors or vents and joints that are not sealed.

Preventing leakages

The trick to keeping a basement in dry condition is to prevent leaks before they occur. Leaks can occur in a number of places such as the wall of the foundation, the joint between the wall and the floor and existing cracks in walls or floor. Sealing the joints and those parts of the wall or floor where cracks and resultant leaks are likely to occur can prevent leaks.

Preventive Measures to Maintain a Dry Basement

The basic prevent measure to maintain a dry basement is to keep the water out. If the house is located in a low-lying area, collection of water should be prevented. Ducts and drainage pipes that can lead this water away must be installed. Waterproofing is another method to keep a basement dry. Waterproofing substances applied to the floor or walls can prevent water seepage through cracks or leaks. Periodic maintenance and regular inspection of seals should be carried out. It is better to carry out preventive measures before leaks occur than do it later as this saves a lot of time, effort and money. Preventive measures carried out before leaks occur can also help prevent damage to things or stuff that is stored in the basement.

Why a basement needs to be kept dry?

A dry basement will be free from bad odors or leaks that can cause wetness and mold or rot. A dry basement can be used for many purposes. It could be another extension to the house and can be used as a bedroom or business office. Dry basements are also good storage spaces and can be used to their optimum if water and moisture are kept away. Dry basements can be used as living spaces and heating systems can make them as cozy as any living room in the house. Dehumidifiers can help take away unwanted moisture from the basement keeping it dry and warm.