Chimney Inner Insulation Layer – unseen safety

Chimney Inner Insulation Layer – unseen safety

Chimneys are responsible for taking the products of combustion away from the interiors of the house. The chimney inner insulation layer in a chimney protects the insides of the chimney. A faulty chimney inner insulation layer can lead to disasters and hence it is recommended that the chimney have a proper inner insulation layer installed.

Chimney inner insulation layer liners

Stainless steel liners are used for the insulation of the inner layer of a chimney. This could be in the form of a thin-wall metal pipe that is channeled like the end of a soda straw and is also able to bend according to the insides of the chimney. The second kind of liners is a thicker pipe that is equipped with a loosely-crimped seam that allows layers to slide over each other. The third kind is the one which is a pipe made of corrugated surface that allows it to bend.

Chimney insulation

Chimney insulation is carried out using a wet-mixed insulation that is poured into the chimney cavity, filling up every available space around the inner liner. This wet-mixed solution cures after some time to form a rigid and non-settling second layer of protection for the insides of the chimney. This work must be carried out by a professional only and is strictly not to be handled by the homeowner.

Advantages of chimney inner insulation

The chimney is equipped with insulation that reduces heat transfer into the house. This makes the house fire safe. The insulation keeps the flue warmer which results in less condensation and less buildup of combustible deposits in the chimney. This leads to the overall functionality of the chimney to perform at its best. The chimney professional, who is hired for this kind of job will be able to judge the quality insulation provided or required for the chimney according to the specifications required.

Chimney Inner Insulation Layer Suppliers

Suppliers or manufacturers of chimney inner insulation layers are often listed in the area directories or can be located with the help of the information and contact details provided by them on their websites on the Internet.

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