Which is the Best Siding? many choices, simple solution

Which is the Best Siding? many choices, simple solution

There are many options to choose from when look at or selecting siding for your home.

The best siding by far hands down is brick. It has great strength and insulating properties. It also requires the least amount of maintenance. It is beautiful, but expensive. You can expect to spend at least 30 – 60 percent more for brick over other kinds of best siding. It loses many people at that point.

My current pick of best siding is vinyl siding. It is relatively cheap and easy to maintain. Just a hose and bleach once a year and you will have many, many trouble free years. There are so many options now a days that you can get any color or texture that you can imagine. You can also create almost any look that you are going after.

There is another option with vinyl siding. There is a new process that is a sprayed on best vinyl siding. You have seen the spray in lining for pickups, it is a similar concept. It is guaranteed for the life of the house and is a really good option in some cases. It is just pretty dang expensive. In my opinion too expensive for what you get. For the price that you pay for that it should have a built in guy to come clean it once a year.

We have wood siding. Although not the best it is a very good and easily maintainable option. Just keep it painted and the nail holes covered and you will not have any problems. Just keeping moisture out of the wood (like everything else) it will last the life of the house. 

There are so many options that it will blow your mind. You are only limited by your pocket book. The key is routine maintenance, and you will have little to no trouble over the life of the home. Put it this way, you will be ready to move before you have any kind of problems.