Moisture out of control in your bathroom is bad!

Moisture in your bathroom is an everyday occurrence, but controlling it around your shower, bath tub, and sink is mandatory.

The shower is the major source of moisture in your bathroom. The shower head is the normal first line of thought. You should also consider the steam from taking a shower should also be considered. The steam causes the moisture to linger long after you are out of your bath.

The first thing that you can do is install a fan to exhaust some of the moisture. Usually directly over the shower stall is best, but some bathroom architecture does not allow for that. Close to the stall will work almost as well. A good check is watch the steam as someone is taking a shower to see the best place to place the fan.

Another precaution to take is if there are any cracks in the showers surround. There usually nothing wrong with the structure. Just the structure contracting with the season. Just fill them in with some caulk. Paint the surround with some water proof paint or sealant.

Check for similar cracks around your sink and toilet. Make sure that you check the subflooring around the drain. If you can get under the subfloor and look at the underside of the subflooring to see if there is any evidence of water drainage. This is a common problem around the toilet. See our section on replacing subflooring for more detailed advice.

The biggest thing to pay attention to is if there is any moisture of any kind is getting to any wood. Check if there is any wood rot from prolonged exposure to moisture and fix it. After that stop any water getting to bare, unprotected wood.