Basement – extend the living space


A bottom floor of your house is a room or even an entire floor with many rooms that is either completely or partially situated below the ground floor of the house above it. They may be used for many purposes. Many houses may have the it as an extension of their living space. The basement could be converted into a cozy bedroom, a study, or a business office or may be just an area for entertainment and relaxation.

Renovating an existing floor

If a basement already exists beneath the house, it can be converted into a living space. For this, minor renovations need to be carried out which could involve planning and designing, using the skills of a professional designer if the need arises. The first step towards renovation is to decide what the basement is going to be used for. One needs to keep in mind that the basement is the first area to get affected in case of a flood or snowstorm. Renovation plans would include correcting or changing positions of walls, windows, staircases, ducts, vents and anything that needs to be constructed or removed for changing the basement into the kind of space you want it to be.

Carrying out basement repairs

Basement repairs are carried out if the basement walls have been damaged due to floods or water leakages. Pumping out water rapidly after a flood may also cause damage to the basement walls. A basement floor can settle or heave because of the damage caused by flooding. Special equipment and professional basement builders or contractors are generally hired for carrying out basement repairs. It is recommended that the basement is kept dry as much as possible to prevent such problems that may recur from time to time. Flooding and problems like mold and mildew caused by flooding create most of the problems while considering basement repairs.

Maximizing its use

Most houses use them as storage areas. Some people may also design it as an extension of the house and may create living spaces. Besides serving as an area for entertainment and relaxation with a television or seating arrangement, basements can also be used for setting up bars which can be used for a get-together with family and friends.

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