Air Conditioner Filter – Clean It for A Cooler Summer

Air Conditioner Filter – Clean It for A Cooler Summer

The last thing that you would want on a hot summer afternoon is malfunctioning of your air conditioner. As with any other machine, your air conditioner also needs regular maintenance. Luckily, there is nothing much to be done except cleaning the air conditioner filter and general cleanliness of the air conditioning unit. Moreover, the process of cleaning the air conditioner filter is so simple that anyone can do it without any outside help.

For efficient working of your air conditioner, it is very important that the air conditioner filter should be kept free of any dirt or dust as the air handler will begin to pull these impurities through to an evaporator coil, which would be wet from condensation on its cold surface. This will transform the dirt into mud caked on the coil when it is passing through the filter, reducing the heat transfer from the air to the coil and also reducing the air flow through the unit. Moreover, moisture will also not be condensed on the coil surface.

The system efficiency will decline by up to 20% due to the above and thus your electric bill will increase considerably. The air conditioner filter does another important job of removing pollen, dust and other particles from the air, thus providing cleaner air to the building occupants to breathe and reducing respiratory diseases.

Some Tips For Maintenance Of Your Air Conditioner Filter
Turn off your air conditioner and remove the air conditioner filter. Check the condition of the filter and also the size of the same. You can then go to a home improvement store and buy a similar air conditioner filter. Depending on the condition and type of your existing filter, you can either replace it with the new one or you might even clean the old one if it is in good condition.

There are many types of air conditioner filters. Some of them might need to be replaced whereas others might be reusable. The frequency of cleaning the filters depends upon the length of time that the air conditioner is being used and the surrounding conditions such as amount of dust in the air and the presence of fur-bearing pets in the house. You might also be using disposable air conditioner filters, in which case you should keep several spares with you.

For proper functioning of your air conditioner, the primary requirement is to keep changing the air conditioner filter regularly. Dust particles that are filtered by the air conditioner filter tend to clog the filter thus reducing its efficiency. Although the good quality filters might last a little longer, there is no alternative to changing them regularly. The average frequency for changing the filter is a month.

If the building is being remodeled or if some construction is going on, there is a greater likelihood of presence of more dust in the air and as such these homes will need more frequent air conditioner filter changes. If you want your air conditioner to work efficiently and have a longer life, you must keep changing the air conditioner filter regularly.

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