Acoustic Insulation – no sound, sounds good

Acoustic Insulation – no sound, sounds good

Noise levels and sound in homes may not be completely done away with but there are definitely ways of reducing the extent to which noise is heard. Acoustical insulation products reduce the flow of sound and are used as sound-deadeners. Also known as sound insulation or soundproofing acoustic insulation is becoming an important part of all home acoustic insulation solutions.

Why acoustic insulation is important?
Disturbance due to noise and high pitch sounds can affect the members in a family. Elders and children in the family may require quite areas for reasons of health. Also, noisy neighbors or being located close to an airport or any other busy area also increases noise pollution. Acoustic insulation is the solution to all such problems. Besides being economical over a period of time, acoustic insulation need not be carried out as a separate activity. Most home insulation products are adequate enough to provide sound proofing to the house as well.

Materials used in acoustic insulation
It is recommended that sound insulation should be thought of right at the start of construction of the building structure. This will save insulation costs and also improve on the quality of insulation installed. However, if this is not possible and insulation is to be provided in an existing construction, there are a number of materials available to take care of soundproofing. Batt or blanket insulation is one way of providing acoustic insulation. Fiberglas is also recommended for the same.

Alternatives to insulation materials
Acoustic insulation is the best way of controlling noise and sound pollution. Where this is not possible, it is important to carry out a few minor tasks to ensure that sound levels are controlled. This can be done by sealing gaps and leaks wherever possible. Air is the carrier of sound and air leaks are the reasons for noise levels as well. Using surfaces that absorb sound as well as using soft materials in the living spaces can give additional comfort. However, the best solution is to hire an acoustic insulation contractor and figure out the possibilities of installing sound insulation for maximum benefit.

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