Marble Window Sill

Marble window sills have been used since traditional times. Mansions and castles across the world and even old cottages have seen the use of marble in setting up windows. Known for their strength and beauty as well, marble has been a favorite among home users as well as designers.

Marble window sills features

Marble window sills give the windows a rich look and add to the grandeur of the rooms if used in interior window sills or give the house a designer look if used in the exterior. Besides, being easy to clean, they are also low on maintenance. Marble window sills also withstand the harshness of cold and heat easily and remain looking new over a longer period of time. Marble has always been sought after by the rich and the famous for their home dÈcor and marble window sills are no exception to that.

Marble window sill types

Usually, marble window sills are available in standard widths of 4", 5" and 6" and are normally cut out from 3/4" thick marble slabs. If they dÈcor of the house demands a particular color combination or feel, marble can be adapted to suit the interiors as well as exteriors. Rich marble window sills can be made from normal marble stones too. The finish and polish of the window sill can give the marble window sill a completely different look altogether.

Marble window sill use

Increasingly used in homes and offices, marble gives a good look to the design of the place and adds to the rich feel of any interior. Smooth and polished marble window sills can also accommodate potted plants, antiques, display articles or anything that you feel can add up to the beauty of your space. Plain and thick curtains are just as fine to add that look to the marble window sills.

Advantages of using marble window sills.

Marble window sills are water resistant and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth too. Besides being easy to clean and maintain, window sills made of marble also do not peel off or chip off like in wooden window sills. Marble window sills are also not prone to rotting or decay like wooden window sills.

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