Heated gutters:

Many roof leaks are the direct result of snow and ice buildup in the gutter or along the roof edge. These ice dams create excessive pressure on the roofing material, lifting and damaging the seal. When the ice melts, the water has no path to the gutter and/or down-spout and infiltrates into the structure.

Major causes of roof damage:

The Major Causes of Roof Damage

1) Snow builds up on the roof
2) Heat from the roof surface conducts up through the roof
3) Compressed snow forms ice dams in the valleys
4) Melted snow runs down the roof line to the eaves
5) The melted snow re-freezes at the eaves and layers of ice build up Dams and hazardous icicles
6) Water accumulation causes leaks and interior damage

Blue Heat ice melting cables are a great solution for preventing ice from damaging roofs and gutters. Heating gutters with Blue Heat cables will save energy and save you money. The Blue Heat system is activated by a gutter mounted switch that activates the system only when moisture and low temperatures are present. Other systems available, like Heat Trace Tape, are constantly on 24 hours a day wasting energy and increasing your electric bill.

Ice dams:
Ice dams that form at the eaves of your roof can create leaks, and snow can slide off the roof like an avalanche, bringing down gutters and even shingles. But there are devices to prevent this from happening. Joel shows how to install de-icing tapes, which are electrically heated cables that are installed along the edges of the roof and in the gutters and downspouts. They melt snow and ice so that ice dams won't form. He also installs snow guards, which hold snow in place so that it won't slide off the roof. Ice dams form along the roof's edge, usually above the overhang. Here's why. Heat and warm air leaking from the living space below melt the snow, which trickles down to the colder edge of the roof and refreezes. Every inch of snow that accumulates on the roof insulates the roof deck a little more. This keeps more heat in the attic, which in turn makes the roof even warmer and melts more snow. Frigid outdoor temperatures ensure a fast and deep freeze at the eaves. The worst ice dams usually occur when a deep snow is followed by very cold weather.

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