Having a tether ball poles

Next time if you think that your child is creating nuisance then just tether him with the tetherball poles. By that child will be happy forever and perhaps you also. Balls as it is fascinate children very much. And if it is the tetherball then imagine the joy. Tetherball can be implemented anywhere. If you are falling short of space in your backyard and your child is getting very bore by playing usual indoor games like playing cards etc, then all you have to do is to just fit the tetherball pole.


Tetherball is very unusual game. Tetherball is nothing but tethering the ball to the pole. It is similar to volleyball. This game disserves more popularity. And that is because of its advantages:
1. It requires very little place
2. The set up is so easy that it can be set up almost anywhere.
3. It can be fun for beginners and advanced players too.
4. It provides a comparatively high level of total body conditioning and provides continuing action
5. Most importantly it needs only two players, so it is easy to organize a game. But one person can practice it.
6. In addition to that it is easy to learn how to play tetherball

Rules and strategies of tetherball

Most common form of tetherball is the ball tied to a ten feet vertical pole by a slender rope. Two players, standing besides the pole at some try to hit the ball repeatedly in one direction. By that the rope wraps completely around the pole. Another version of the game is paddle tetherball. In this version a ball similar with a tennis ball is struck with a paddle. There are no rules as such of the game. However everybody seems to have a different opinion of how to play tetherball. Still there can be rules that can make the game fun. The objective of each player is to hit the ball beyond the opponent's reach. There are penalties also in the game. If player breaks the rules he will automatically lose the game.

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